Company Introduction

In 2008, Jey Porner Pars Company was established in association with Jey Oil Co., and Poerner Co. of Austria as a private joint stock Company. With the aim of procurement, packaging and supply of desirable road construction bitumen with respect to the environmental standards and high economical efficiency, Jey Poerner Pars Company began its task at Jey oil Refinery in Isfahan.For the 1St time in the middle-east, with utilization of world’s most outstanding packing Technology, we are proud to give access of most desirable road construction bitumen type in most economical way to the end user in any part of the world.This Company with the benefit of outstanding modern technology, is able to fulfill this activity with high capacity to contribute and proceed to the economical strength to meet the needs of packaging units throughout the country and some target countries. Jey Porner pars Company is the only company in the mid-east to supply packed bitumen in bitubags which on top of packing common bitumen in drums and bulk; provides submission of this type of packaging.